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This software allows you to associate any tag to any file (just like on the Web) and group them into virtual folders
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8 April 2010

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Life is always simpler to live when there is order present within it. It is order that helps a person to follow a set path with rules that help him in getting through with the day. Without order there is chaos and where there is chaos, there is confusion which leads to the user getting blinded as well as feel suffocated by the mess around him. So the users look for ways to tackle this chaos and start creating their own rules and regulations so that they can live a life free of anarchy. Tags4Files 1.1 is one such tool that enables the user to bring about order within his computer so that he can find any kind of file with the snap of his fingers.

Precise and pristine are two major properties that this program follows. It allows the user to create libraries in which the user can store his information in an orderly fashion so that when he requires some information he can find it easily without having to search through loads of rubble. Tags4Files 1.1 comes loaded with a barrage of features that make working with this software application a piece of pie. It also lets the user tag libraries with certain names and numbers so that he can distinguish one file from the next. This system of tagging helps the user a lot as it provides a certain identity to the library as well as keeping it different from the rest. Moreover it even merges the tags into certain categories which is a smart way of organizing files from different physical locations into one virtual folder.

At a very small fee the user can rid himself of the problems related to chaos created due to haphazard folder structure and organization. Tags4Files 1.1 gets a score of 3 out of 5 for giving a perfect way to organize one’s computer and life.

Publisher's description

This software is intended to make finding a file on your computer much easier. It merges any file into a library and associates tags with it. Each tag is a simple text mark - "important", "personal", "children", "presentation", "our vacation", "2010" and so on. Each file in the library gets associated with any number of such tags describing its contents, so it has never been easier to locate the document you need, even if you don't remember its exact name.
Moreover, the tags are merged into categories - a smart way to organize the files from different physical locations into a single virtual folder you can access any time.
Thus with this tool you can label any file or folder on your computer just like a website or blog page. Simply assign a tag to a folder or file and you won't need to type a search queries in your Explorer any more! Simply scroll through tags with the mouse, select the desired ones from the convenient filtered list and open an associated document with a single click!
Version 1.1
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